Graphic Illustration

/ bespoke designed images to complement your message.

What is Graphic Illustration?

Graphic Illustration is a form of design in which images are created to support the information with which they are placed. The style of an illustration is often determined by the content it will be associated with.

Illustration is used in books, magazines, posters and many other media. It is often paired with graphic design, one providing the core imagery while the other sets the context in layout and typography.

Our Illustrations

The illustrations we create are in vector form. A vector style illustration is very useful as it can be scaled larger, or, smaller without loss of detail. This enables the illustration to be used in a variety of ways such as a website, magazine, tee-shirt and poster.

The Process

When a client asks us to produce an illustration, the process always begins with a conversation about the subject matter. Often the illustration will be linked to a specific element of the subject; at other times it is used to convey a broader theme.

When we have the information needed, we then look at real world sources relevant to the brief to guide style choices for the illustration.

With sources selected we begin outlining the rough idea through hand drawings using pen and paper, or, sketching on whiteboards. These are then transferred to computer where the outlines are re-created using vector software. Layers of additional detail are added until the full illustration is completed.

The process, from initial sketching to completion, involves key stages when the client is shown the illustration to obtain feedback which is used to determine modifications to the design. This ensures the client's viewpoint and needs for the illustration are taken onboard throughout the project.

Example Illustrations

You can find examples of our work in illustration by visiting the Graphic section of Our Work.