Internet Marketing

/ social media branding & email newsletter design.

Social Media Branding

Extend your brand to social media streams including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube with social media branding. Branding packs provide all the elements needed and any aspect can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Once completed, you can use your chosen branding elements to style your social media channels. Alternatively, we can help install the branding for you and configure the appropriate colour codes to complete your new social media style.

We can also prepare spot graphics for use in posts, tweets and news items.

Email Newsletter Design

There are many forms of internet marketing but email newsletters, if done correctly, are still considered the best way to maintain contact with existing clients. This is due to the control an email newsletter gives to the person receiving it; they have the choice to read it and when.

Email marketing service providers such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor have shown through their analysis that a good email marketing campaign can return up to £38 for every £1 invested.

We design email layouts that can be used to style the templates provided by your email marketing provider, or, to email clients directly. We will review your chosen layout with you and prepare an initial draft design for review.

When you sign off the design, we create the assets needed and can help recreate the layout in your chosen email service, or, create the email newsletter code for sending directly from your email client.

Maintenance Services

You may need to restyle your social media streams on a regular basis, perhaps to promote a service, or, product. We would recommend my Monthly Maintenance Plans which are designed to look after your digital needs, enabling you to focus on your business with the reassurance of a known fixed cost.