Website Maintenance

/ helping keep your website fresh, informative and secure.

Service Plans


Billed first hour then in thirty minute increments

No Contract

Estimates Provided for larger tasks

Level 1 Plan

Joomla Core Updates

Joomla Plugin Updates

Monthly Backup Offsited

Monthly Activity Report

Six Month Contract

All from Level 1 Plan

Two Hours Activity on any tasks for your website

Above utilised in 30 minute increments.

Monthly Activity Report

Twelve Month contract

Level 3 Plan

All from Level 2 Plan

Additional two hours activity time.

Carry 50% of unused hours to next month.

Monthly Activity Report

Quarterly Site Review Meeting

Twelve Month Contract

Additional Plan Information

Plans are invoiced monthly. When all included editing time from plan is utilised, you can purchase additional hours at a discounted rate.

Adhoc time and the edit time in our plans can be used for pretty much any aspect of your website except large template changes for which an estimate will be supplied on request.

Some tasks you can use time for include:

Need a Tailored Plan?

You may feel that that one of the set plans above may not meet your needs exactly. In these instances we are happy to discuss your specific requirements and create a plan tailored for you.

One example of a tailored plan may be to include unlimited edit time, or, have the ability to bank time for a planned larger update.

Should you have requirements which the set maintenance plans do not include, contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a tailored plan quotation.

Website Refresh

Sometimes maintenance is not enough, particularly when a site is older. This may be due to a combination of factors, for example the version of Joomla is no longer supported, but in many cases the underlying structure of the website is not tablet and mobile friendly; it lacks responsive design.

This represents a significant issue for mobile users and consequently for your search engine placement since Google and others place more emphasis on sites with fully responsive designs.

In this instance we would recommend a responsive website design rebuild and would be happy to meet with you to discuss the benefits of this along with your current and future needs for your website.