Extra Information

/ the legal aspects you need to know.

The legal aspect is a necessary evil but one we must cover. We have some rather complex terms and conditions which relate to the services Vision Design Services offers. You can view these by clicking here; they will likely confuse you as much as they confuse us; they were compiled by solicitors so enough said about that. The basics, in plain terms, if you want to hire Vision Design Services are:

  • We discuss your expectations before estimate to create a brief outline.
  • We will provide an estimate of included project features and costs for you to consider.
  • You sign a copy of the estimate (this will become the contract) and send it back to us with a 33% (of estimate) payment. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer (aka: Faster Payments), Debit Card, or, Credit Card. An invoice will be issued in respect of this along with details of how to make payment depending on your preference. This initial payment is non-refundable.
  • We complete the elements as per the contract (aka: signed estimate).
  • You pay us instalments as per the agreed stages.
  • We promise to explain any costs for changes, or, new features requested after the estimate is signed, prior to any additional work being completed, to obtain your prior agreement.
  • The final payment is due within fifteen days of delivery of agreed elements.