Joomla Training

/ take control of your website updates.

Free Tutorials On-line

Free Joomla training articles are provided through the tutorials section of our website Blog. These range from quick lessons for beginners through to understanding more of the complex features of your Joomla website.

Additionally, supporting articles on other resources which can help you maintain your website such as free image and graphic resources, paid for and free applications to create your own graphics and support applications such as FTP are provided.

Training Services

You may find you need to get up to speed quickly on one, or, more features of Joomla and would prefer to have someone help with this in a one to one, or, group setting.

Our Joomla Training service is the perfect fit for these needs. We will discuss your needs and prepare a tailored training plan with support materials you keep after training has been completed.

Suitable time will be planned, when most convenient in your schedule, to visit with you at your place of business and complete the training which we deliver with a relaxed informal approach. Questions are welcomed and encouraged as training progresses and we will also provide trial tasks for you to complete during training so that you can be comfortable in using your new skills.

Post Training Support

When training has been completed, you have access to our support system through which you can raise three separate support tickets about the training you received. This provides the comfort of knowing that if something managed to slip by, you have a facility to seek three separate instances of assistance without additional cost.

Website & Training Support

You may find that having a support facility for all your website needs, including Joomla training, would be a beneficial asset. We would be pleased to support you and provide a range of Website Maintenance plans which take care of website updating, preparing new content and of course, Joomla training.

Further information can be obtained by visiting my website maintenance page. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our website maintenance plans, or, Joomla training.