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Welcome to phase one of the new Vision Design Services website and while it still needs tweaking, it is a step forward from the previous website.

This phase was focused on creating a new look for the website and more room for work and services.

Core Changes

The website is now fully Bootstrap integrated so that a consistent experience can be provided while having more flexibility in layouts on different pages of content.

More use has been made of Joomla' inbuilt image handling by utilising the intro and article image options to provide consistency in the Blog and Our Work sections.

Phase Two

The second phase of the website will introduce additional graphic touches and refine the look. No longer a fixed design, the site will be subject to more frequent changes which will keep the look and function up to date.

The biggest update in phase two will be the introduction of a new system to provide more flexibility for hosting clients and enable them to take more control of their hosting requirements. This has been a long time coming and is planned for release soon.

Regular Content

The blog section of the previous site was never truly loved but change is here. A new article every two weeks, more if time can be found when not researching solutions for clients. Articles will include (but not limited to):